We recommend a few simple care instructions to keep your pan in tip top condition. Adhering to our tips will give you years of use and satisfaction.

Before Use:
Before use, wash your Crafond® in hot soapy water, then rinse dry. Heat a little oil(*) in the pan, then allow to cool before pouring off. Wipe the inside of your pan with kitchen roll. Your Crafond® is now ready to use.
(*)Olive oil can cause severe carbon deposit, we recommend coconut or peanut oil to nourish the pan.

Regular Care:
Your Crafond® heats up in about 2 minutes and gives even heat distribution due to the cast alloy body. While heating the pan up, turn your hob down slightly, this will save energy and money!
Never place your Crafond® directly on high temperature, but allow it to evenly distribute the heat. This is especially important for use on inducton hob. You may damage the pan base!
The Crafond should never be left empty on a high heat for any length of time.

Crafond® is suitable for any domestic grill or in any domestic oven (not suitable for microwave ovens.) Lids safe to 220°C. Wooden handles are not oven proof. When using on a glass top hob always lift the pan on and off, never slide the pan.
You may use any utensils with our cookware with care, though if using metal, do not scrape, poke or prod the interior, we recommend high heat silicon.
Never cut your food inside a Crafond® unless with our Spatula Mia.
When you remove your food from your pan, add a cup of water to the pan (even whilst hot) to aid the cleaning process. Cleaning a Crafond is very simple; wash the pan after every use – while still hot – with hot soapy water.
Do not use scourers, or abrasive brushes or cleaning agents, cleaning with a soft sponge is all that is needed.
You do not need to nourish the pan after every cleaning.
If using a dishwasher the base will go dull in appearance and surface can become dry, please recondition more regularly. Wooden handles are not dishwasher proof.

Do not store foods in your Crafond.
Always use an oven glove or similar when handling hot cookware.
Do not stack pans inside each other, unless in the Crafond bag.

After a while your Crafond may develop a brown residue on the interior surface, this is carbon deposit.
To remove the carbon, warm your pan on the hob, add a little oil to the pan and rub the inside of your pan with kitchen roll or a soft cloth. Look at the cloth, if there is a black or brown residue you are removing the carbon deposit. Continue doing so, until no residue appears on the cloth. Doing this once a month will keep your pan in perfect condition.

Regularly check your Crafond for possible material residues, especially the pan base.

The legal warranty is two years and is limited to normal use, it does not extend to damage caused by improper use, e.g.:
– damage caused by neglect, carbonised oil on the hob or pan base.
– damage caused by overheating or empty heating.
– formations of tar resins.
– damage caused by scratching with unsuitable metal cooking utensils.

We hope and expect that you will enjoy your Crafond for many years to come.