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Hi there Boudine, I bought my AGA at Mick Stomp's and my first question wasL'can I still use my super pans?' Mick was completely excited that I already had Crafond. I didn't evenknow that you work together with the AGA-house. Kind regards,
Cathrienke / Otterlo
We have purchased a Crafond at the Spirit of winter in Apeldoorn. My wife and I just wanted to let you know that we are extremely satisfied. Just a very nice pan and good to use.
Johan Jansen / Apeldoorn
Dear Boudine, Thank you so much for the replacement handle. Wat a service, wonderfull. TOP. I suppose I could buy them online, but we will probably buy one at the next fair. Warm greetings from a grateful customer,
Annemieke Verbruggen / Veghel
Dear Rob and Bien, I just wanted to say that I stell believe your pans are fantastic. And you were wright: it's better to have one or two pans than a cupboard filled with cheap stuff. I almost regret to say that I don't need any new pans. Or it would be just because they're beautiful.
Peter B. / Woerden
Hi there, I've bought a number of pans for my Aga and I reaaly like them. Can I also use them on a gas hob in my camper? I would like to bake a bread and understood this could be done without an oven. Any tips? Kind regards,
Gerrie Mathijssen / Vessem
How nice to meet you in Eindhoven!
I received a Crafond set with my company farewell. The company no longer exists, but I still enjoy the pans every day.
Yordi / Houten
Hello, Ever since we bought these amazing pans, it's been arguing who's turn to cook. 😉 For cooking enthusiasts this is fantastic, never had such a great cooking product. Great compliment! With cheerful greetings,
Niels de Zwarte / Gouda
Hi there, The box with everything has just arrived, incredibly fast. It's everything I wanted, I had remeasured with capacity and cm., for I have no imagination. Thank you so much for the cookbook, it contains some nice recipes.
C. Brandt / Ederveen
I've got me the 32 cm. casserole which I use every day, nothing sticks. I also did the popcorn test. Some coconut fat, good hot pan and cover it. Pop it 1x full pan to the cover without burning popcorn. I swindle the pot back and forth to keep it moving. Huge family bowl filled with beautiful popcorn. Pan under the hot tap, done. I will definitely buy more Crafond in the future!